Library Committee


Library Committee

Year 2022-23

The following staff members have been appointed as a Library Committee member of  B. K.M. science College, Valsad for the academic year 2022-23.



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The center of college knowledge is the library. It provides not only   means of knowledge to students faculty and administrative staff, but also keeps academic atmosphere of the college alive. Equipped with state of the art looks, the library is a cornerstone of the educational structure. Moreover, our college library collects detailed reading material and provides information to readers. The reference books, texts, literature, books on important topics/ issues are available in the library. It is considered as the most important place for the students. College is incomplete without a library. Our former president Dr. Shankar Dyal Sharma said that library is more important than university & university cannot function without library.

 The details of library software are as follows.

1. Name of the ILMS Software-SOUL
2. Automation Type: Partially automated

3. Version number:


4. Automated Year: 2007

Library consists of the following books:

1. Chemistry                                                                        - 7187

2. Biology, Botany, Zoology                                               - 3760

3. Physics                                                                             - 4069

4. Mathematics, Statistics                                                   - 5756

5. Gujarati, English Literature & General subjects            - 5274


On 31-03-2022, Total no of books                                     - 26046

During the academic year 2021-2022, 238 books have been bought. Moreover, there are 34 magazines & research journals are available on regular basis. In which 23 journals are in English & 11 journals are in Gujarati. In addition, the subject related 81 C.D.s are also available in the library and during this year around 1000 e-books have also been included in it, in which:

1. Related to General knowledge & Placement   -06

2. General (Different subjects)                                -15

3. In Chemistry subject                                             -05

4. In Mathematics subject                                        -02

5. In Biology, Botany subject                                   -03

6. In Physics subject                                                  -02

Moreover, Gujarati newspaper and English newspaper are also available in library on daily bases, with different editions.

In college library there are the most valuable books based on the subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Physics and English which are helpful to the professors and the students who are doing research. 

Reference Books: Chemistry

1. Chemistry of Synthesis Dyes Vol.1 to 8

2. Color Index Vol. 1 to 7

3. Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry Vol. 1 to 8

4. Organic Chemistry Vol. 1 to 6

5. Dictionary of Organic Compound Vol. 1 to 5

6. Comprehensive Organomatlic Chemistry Vol.1 to 9

7. Dictionary of Applied Chemistry Vol. 1 to 12

8. Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Vol. 1 to 15

9. Medicinal Chemistry of Drug Discovery Vol. 1 to 15

10. Organic Synthesis Collective Vol.1 to 5

11. CRC Handbook

12. Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis Vol. 1 to 6

13. Organic Reactions Vol. 1 to 12 & 52 &53

14. Synthesis Dyes & Pigments Vol. 1 to 3

15. Total Synthesis of Natural Products Vol. 1 to 5

16. Comprehensive Organic Chemistry 1 to 6

17. Merck Index

18. Dictionary of Chemistry

Reference Books: Biology

1. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Horticulture Vol. 1 & 2

2. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Vol. 1 &2

3. Medicinal Laboratory Technology Vol.1 &2

4. The Encyclopedic of Marine Resources

5. Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology Vol.1 &2

6. Encyclopedia of Environmental Analysis Vol.1 &2

7. Encyclopedia of Environmental Energy Resources Vol.1 &2

8. and Dictionary of Biology, Botany & Zoology

9. Advanced in plant Physiology Vol.1 to 3

10. Encyclopedia of Botany Vol. 1 to 4

11. The Herbs of Ayuveda Vol.1 to 4

Reference Books: Mathematics

1. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics Vol. 1 to 3

2. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics Vol. 1 & 2

3. and Subjective Dictionary

Reference Books: Physics

1. Encyclopedic Dictionary of Physics Vol. 1 to 5

2. Hand Book of Electronics

3. The World of Physics Vol. 1 to 3

4. Subjective Dictionary

5. Objective Question bank in Physics

Reading is very important for student’s academic development. It leads to academic and intellectual progress. Good reading instills good thoughts in mind and develops personality. Some thinkers have rightly said, “Books are your best friend”. Through good reading the student can find the treasure of knowledge. Good reading is useful in exams and in difficult times. Reading gives thought and thought and through thought a person progresses. Reading establishes the identity of the student. That is why reading remains very important. The college library has a treasure trove of books on various subjects, valuable reference books, general knowledge books, research journals, magazines and various newspapers. Our library is really the ornament of college.



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